Captivating people with just a guitar and your voice is incredibly hard to do, especially with the amount of people around who try to do it, but there is something about Kyle Blankenship’s music that makes it all seem so effortless. Maybe it’s his enchanting vocal beautifully evoking a strong sense of emotion through the lyrics or just the charming production but his latest offering Under really does showcase all of this perfectly.

It’s a bit of a fusion between John Lennon’s lyrically prowess and Billy Joel’s effortless ability to tell a story with Blankenship having this emotional honesty that makes his lyrics feel all the more personal. The production starts of with this minimalistic beauty before expanding towards the end to create an emotional climax that expresses the cacophony of madness going off in our heads when we’re lost faultlessly and leave you reaching for the tissues in a matter of seconds.

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