South London based artist Eli Moon has already proven with his debut project Bodies that he is leading the way in terms of the next generation of R&B stars. Honestly there is something about his beautifully honest and heartbreaking lyrics that I find many people relate to, whether it be through bad break ups, their own personal loss or just lusting after someone, his music manages to make a connection with all these people.

Bury was his debut single that introduced his brooding sound to the work with these deep synths and lusciously smooth vocals creating this caliginous atmosphere that perfectly encapsulates the lyrics about the slow end of a relationship. Then you’ve got Loving The Darkness which enthrals you from start to finish with this hauntingly beautiful atmosphere made of these somber melodies and sensual lyrics to match. Combine those two tracks with the entirety of his debut project and you’re left wondering if this man can actually produce a bad song.

Eli Moon is someone who could be one of the next big R&B stars to come out of the UK, heck I’d actually love to see him collaborate with some of the more well known names in London because his sound is that good and 2020 could be his year.

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