If you’re a fan of groove driven songs that are reminiscent of what a modern day Hall & Oates might sound like then you’re really gonna want to check out Paris based Londoner Yehan Jehan’s latest single Treat Us Bad. The track is the third track from his EP Earth Arrangements Vol.1, which is also out today, and like the EP the track is simply sublime.

“This was one of the last songs I wrote for Earth Arrangements and was an attempt to process anger I was feeling at the time,” Yehan explains. “It’s essentially about people that come in and out of your life who treat you and others like shit. I think it’s the only time where I’ve been so lyrically direct, but I was interested to try it and see where it went.”

The track combines these luscious funk guitar melodies that are easy to groove along to, slick harmonies that are reminiscent of Jungle in their early years and some addictive hooks you’ll be singing under your breath for weeks to come. If you’re a fan of this then I highly recommend checking out the full EP as each song dives deeper into his modern day funk rock sound.

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