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CatchTwentyTwo injects retro 80’s flair into his lusciously texture alternative R&B track “Run Away”


Over the years there’s been a massive resurgence in 80’s influenced music with the likes of Taylor Swift and The 1975 having chart topping albums inspired by that era. Then you’ve got artists like CatchTwentyTwo who’s gone out of his way to use the Dx7 synth, used by the likes of Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston to name a few, to create his latest retro track Runaway.

There’s a sensual vibe in this track that is very reminiscent of The Weeknd with the lo-fi synth beats creating an erotic atmosphere mixed with his lusciously smooth vocal. What I like most about this piece though is the way he balances the melody within the production, using old production techniques can often make a track feel like it should be left in the past but CatchTwentyTwo manages to make it feel modern through the simple use of his intoxicating melodies and elements of Dark R&B. This man is consistently creating luscious piece of alternative R&B and it can’t be too long before people begin to take notice of him.

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