If 303 were around during the early 90’s these young women would be global superstars because their brand of laidback R&B has such a retro sound that it’s hard not to fall in love with it. They’ve previously released three lusciously smooth singles and their latest offering the beautiful and nostalgia ladened piece titled Dreamin’.

The trio explain, “The name kind of says it all with dreaming. We wanted to create a bit of a dreamscape within the song to give it more of a story line. ‘Lying next to her, are you wide awake, dreaming bout me too?’ You know that this person feels the same way and you don’t want to wake up from your dream state, because it’s only when you’re dreaming, that you can fully be with them the way you want to.”

The track is about craving someone you can’t have, but living out the fantasy in a state of sweet slumber. We’ve all had those crushes where this has happened and the track effortlessly expresses this through the honest lyrics and yearning vocal alongside them. Combine all that with their signature harmonies and minimalistic production and you’ve got something rather special.

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