At this point I am happy to say that I’ve seen Sophie and the Giants live multiples times and every single show I’ve been to has been simply extraordinary. This band have such incredible stage presence and anthemic music that when you see them live you feel this sense of euphoria rush through you that is effortlessly translated into their recorded music, as show with their powerful new single Runaway.

This is an anthem with addictive hooks that wriggle their way into your head to the point where you’ll find yourself singing them in the shower for months to come, exhilarating guitar melodies that make you feels as if you’re flying and beautifully written lyrics that create an empowering atmosphere surrounding the track. It’s an explosive piece that’s made for the radio airwaves and chart glory with every note being simply sublime. 2019 is the start of their meteoric rise to the top and 2020 will see it come to fruition.

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