Ida Kudo is a half Japanese, half Danish electro pop artist who’s already impressed us in the past with her debut EP Gold being one of the best releases of 2018 in our humble opinion. She’s kept up momentum to with her releasing the dramatic Born in the Sun earlier this year and now she’s followed it up with the powerful and enticing single titled Paradise.

“The song is written with an irony; a landscape that is barren, deserted, full of rain, thunder and storm – where we dance on our worn-out feet in my own desser,” Ida Kudo explains. “The song ‘Paradise’ is a way to break with the tidiness of the world and accept that in my inner landscape there is heavy changes in the weather and i still acknowledge it as my paradise. Even through it is ungraceful!”

The lush productions creates a sonic soundscape that is beautifully layered with her dynamic yet mystical vocal soaring over it effortlessly. The track focuses on Kudo trying to cope with her own inner contrasts and sometimes disruptive feelings before eventually accepting them as a creative force to be reckoned with. Combine all that with lyrics that paint a picture in your mind of a tropical yet stormy paradise and you’ve got a evocative piece of electro pop.

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