Founded at the beginning of 2019 the British band The Balcony have already made a big impact with their brand of anthemic pop rock that make you feel like you can take on the whole world. Genuinely there sound is custom built for stadium anthems that are made to be played in front of thousands of people with the crowd singing along with pure joy and if you need proof of this just listen to their debut By the Hand.

You’ve got these high energy electric guitar melodies that launch you onto your feet and into a wild dance party mixed the buoyant percussion section that gets your foot tapping effortlessly to it and a hook that was made for late night carpool karaoke sessions. The vocal is packed with this energy that has the ability to lift your mood the moment you hear it and the lyrics are both euphoric and honest in their delivery. This band are like a combination of The Killers and U2, honestly what’s not to love about them?

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