French band Arche have built their aesthetic around the glorious era of the 90’s, let the 90’s kids rejoice! These guys looks like they’ve come straight out of the era in the music video for their latest track Back to the Sun and if you’re craving some nostalgia mixed with delicious summer melodies and addictive hooks then this is the track for you.

From the moment this track starts all you can think about is the crystal clear blue skies and the hot sand in-between your toes as you step out onto the beach on that beautifully warm summers day. The dreamlike production only helps build upon this further with these chilled out guitar melodies, silky smooth synths and simply lush harmonies that make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. It’s a track that allows you to just be transported to a whole new world and right now, in this English weather anyway, it’s just what we need.

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