Now I don’t usually dive deep into the story of artists but honestly it was Gina Livia’s story about why she wanted to make music that caught my interest and her latest single Home that left me utterly captivated. Her story and this track fit perfectly with one another with this almost working as self-therapy session for Livia.

“I remember that I always wanted to be seen and heard. Not in the typical `I want to be famous’ way, but more in the way of being accepted and understood,” she explains. “I always knew that I kind of just not fit in? If that makes any sense. Music always helped me to understand myself, to understand the way I see things, even when I didn’t want to. And it is really true when people say writing is like self-therapy, it is, when I sit down on the piano or the guitar words are suddenly coming out of my mouth without me wanting to, which is most of the time pretty scary to be honest, because some things are just too heavy to let them come out.”

Honestly this track is just beautiful. The minimalistic production creates this intimate atmosphere that makes it feel like she’s confessing her problems to you in her living room, which ironically is where she recorded this track. The lyrics are incredibly poignant with a poetic sensibility and her vocal makes you feel every single word of it leaving you with an instant emotional connection to her. If you don’t feel like you belong anywhere then please find solace in this song because a home can be so much more than just a place to live.

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