Newcastle is really producing some music stars right now with L Devine thriving, Sam Fender having a stunning debut LP and now the 4 piece band Fever Days coming out with killer synth ladened dance-rock anthems like Hard Luck. Might have to relocate soon if this hot streak from this city continues!

“‘Hard Luck’ just sums up my life I think,” lead singer Oli Green explains. “Ever since I was little I’ve always felt like I’ve had the worst luck, because everything I’m involved with seems to go wrong one way or another. So much so that thirteen is now my lucky number, in some sort of attempt to lift the curse.”

He may experience the worst luck but with this band he produces some of the best music with their sound being this combination of lo-fi alternative pop and new wave. The production of the track is ridiculously infectious with intoxicating synths and addictive melody easily getting my foot tapping and body grooving along to it in a matter of seconds. Add in a killer hook that gets into your head and a slick guitar melody and it’s hard not to fall in love with this single.

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