Scottish artist thisisNAMASTE made a statement earlier this year with the release of her debut single Exactly What You Want, a laidback synth pop number that stood out amongst the commercial crowd. Now she’s dropped her follow up single Not My Fault which sees her continue to grow with her special brand of pop.

“Not My Fault is about coming to the realisation after the breakdown of a turbulent relationship, that you are not to blame for what happened,” thisisNAMASTE explains. “It is representing a rebirth of yourself and accepting that the fault did not lay with you but with them.”

What I admire most about her sound is that she takes painful experiences and turns it into a brilliant pop number that hundreds of people will be able sing in the shower, her writing style is very reminiscent of Robyn in that way. The production helps set the tone for this anthemic ballad with it finding that tricky balance between heartfelt pain and emotional empowerment, but it’s her vocal that really sells the track with each note dancing across the glorious production to create, what can be described, as a sublime pop track.

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