If you’re a fan of 80’s influenced synth pop then you’re going to love the LA queer pop duo TWINKIDS whose latest mid tempo number Eighteen is a beautifully melodic piece of music, complete with killer hooks, triumphant synths and calming melodies but the highlight of this piece is most certainly the lyrics. The way the vocals croon the memorable lyric ‘How can you love me and your future too?’ is so heartbreaking but, at the same time, incredibly poignant and I can see a lot of people finding solace not only in that lyric, but their music as a whole.

“‘Eighteen’ is about young love. It’s about looking back at a romance that once felt like it was the most important thing in the world,” Gene Fukui, lead vocalist, explains. “When I was younger I had this naïve and detrimental optimism. But life kind of happened, where money and careers took precedent and the relationship fell apart. The song is about looking back at your past self and realizing how much you’ve changed and how much other people have changed. I guess that’s terrifying in a way, like nothing really stays the same. Even something you once felt like you were going to devote your entire life to feels really distant, but it still left a hole in your heart.”


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