As of late the music scene in Wales has been producing some fantastic pieces of music, honestly they’re going through a bit of a golden era right now with artists like Cara Hammond thriving with her alluring brand of soulful indie pop. If you need further proof then just listen to her latest offering Such A Mess, which needs to be the title my autobiography in the future.

“It’s a song about being completely infatuated with someone and that growing tension as neither of you make the first move,” Hammond explains. “Sometimes being around that one person you’re crazy about can make you a bit of a mess.”

There’s an 90’s house influence in the production with the hard-hitting synths being able to get your foot tapping along to the beat in a matter of seconds mixed with the sensibilities of electro pop to deliver a riveting sound. What I adore about this track is the melodies, they have this enticing quality to them where if you’re just casually listening to the song on the radio or randomly hear it in a shop you get drawn into it and become almost entranced by those hypnotisingly good hooks and melodies. What more could you really ask for in a track?


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