Chances are, even if you haven’t heard his name before, you’ve heard a Niclas Lundin written song at some point in your life with him writing for Martin Garrix, Andreas Moe and Rick Springfield to name but a few. This alone shows he’s already got some great songwriting chops so it’s no real surprise that his latest single Lost & Found is a spellbinding piece of music.

What I love about this track is the build up, it starts off being soft and tender but soon the production begins to become more grand until the cinematic climax where you’re left being hit by a freight train of emotion. The lyrics are truly poetic with them telling the story of someone who is lost and confused in themselves but over time, as they begin to get help, they soon find their true self once again. Everything about this track is stunning, the production, the vocals, the emotion, it all comes together to create a simply spectacular song that is just stunning.

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