If you’re a fan of Vampire Weekend then you’re going to want to hear Texas born but now Los Angeles based artist Easton’s latest single Marilyn. It’s a sun kissed single with an array of alluring melodies being sung by a uniquely toned vocal that is instantly recognisable and soars over that charming production effortlessly. Then you’ve got the hook which you’ll be singing under breath for days to come and playful lyrics to match and you’ve got a wonderful piece of music.

“I’ve found that the more I write, the more I’m drawn to expressing fluidity in my work,” Easton explains. “For so long I have wondered why I’m so drawn to the ocean. It’s more than our bodies being made up of water – it’s the freedom of its waves. I know that being fluid is an essential part of who I am. Defining yourself by society’s ‘labels’ is so limiting and trying to fit yourself into one box is a disservice when you have the whole ocean. Im lucky to have grown into the kind of person and artist who is open to a constant cycle of growth, knowing that we are ever-changing. Not afraid of judgement…Letting it flow through you. Swim in the many pools of yourself.”

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