Sometimes all you need is a wonderfully chill and calming piece of melodic pop to help you get through another unfortunately stressful day. Orlando based pop artist Lévie certainly knows how to do this in his calming ballad Hurt Less with lyrics about caring for someone who has depression.

“I was talking to my friend on snapchat one night and she was really struggling with anxiety and depression,” Lévie explains to us. “In that moment I sat there not knowing what to say, or do, to make it better. All I wanted was to take her pain away and I realized I couldn’t do that. The only thing I could do was be there for her and hope that it would make it hurt less.”

What I find most compelling about this single is that is tackles this subject in a caring yet honest way. He doesn’t shy away from the painful experience people with depression can go through but also offers a silver-lining in that he hopes he can take away some of that pain by just being there. It’s a beautiful message that is handled perfectly through his smooth vocal, melodic production and heartfelt lyricism.

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