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After being inspired by Bird Box Swedish Iranian Ayelle wrote the hauntingly beautiful “Psychopaths”

artwork psychopaths.jpg

Ever since her debut single in 2016 the Swedish-Iranian artist Ayelle has been a name to watch with each track she’s released since then only adding to her ever growing back catalogue of superbly songs. Today she’s released the single Psychopaths, a concept single that she came up with after she finished watching Bird Box on Netflix, so if they ever do a sequel they now know this song needs to be in the soundtrack.

“I started thinking about this concept after watching ‘bird box’ on Netflix,” Ayelle explains. The psychopaths were living in their ideal world and enjoying the pain to the fullest whilst normal people chose death over the pain of what they were seeing. When you feel that pain of a heart breaking its hard not to wonder if that’s maybe the case for some in real life.” 

It’s a minimalistic RnB single with only soft finger clicks and alluring synths being featured in the production that, in turn, puts the main focus on Ayelle’s hauntingly beautiful voice with these atmospheric harmonies backing her up. It’s a delicate yet bittersweet single that enthrals you with every single note that is delivered and communicates the feeling of heart ache to sheer perfection.

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