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Magdalena Bay prove they are real Californians in their quirky yet chilled out single “Venice”

Screen Shot 2019-08-15 at 09.16.28.png

There are some special moments in life that need to be taken notice of more, specifically the one where you write a song about Venice Beach boardwalk with undertones of the world possibly ending that officially makes you real Californians which is exactly what the duo Magdalena Bay have done in their latest single Venice. I’m sure that official Californian plaque will be arriving at their apartment any time now!

It’s a chilled out summer anthem with a sun kissed production that’s made for days at the beach with the glistening synths having a wonderful charm and buoyancy to them that makes the duo’s melodic vocal harmonies simply divine to hear. There’s also this quirky humour to the track with lyrics like, “And the Russians could take over,” being featured throughout resulting in me smiling like an idiot when I hear one. Mica of the duo explains the reason for this, “We tried to inject a little weirdness in there. Our own experiences of walking down the Venice Beach boardwalk probably helped with that.”

This is one of those single you’re going to want on your summer playlist, give it a listen and beginning swaying along to that intoxicating melody.



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