Electronic Genres Hip-Hop Music Pop

Producing duo KDL collaborate with Ferras for their laidback summer anthem “777”


When you’ve got two producers who’ve worked with Fetty Wap, DMX and Madcon coming together to form a dynamic producing duo KDL then you know you’re going to get some slick pieces of music. Now have them collaborate with Ferras, who you may remember from his collaboration with Katy Perry, and you’ve a match made in heaven in the form of the single 777.

What I find most enjoyable about this track is that it combines both enticing pop melodies with a laidback summer atmosphere that makes the whole piece a pleasure to listen to on repeat. The production is stellar with a beautifully textured soundscape featuring an intoxicatingly good beat, subtle piano melodies and a slick guitar riff. All of this manages to enhance the hypnotically soulful vocals of Ferras, who was the perfect choice to feature on this track, who raises the bar for this track instantly with the dulcet tones of his voice dancing delicately across the sultry production.


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