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The UK is about to be hit my the mother of all heatwaves this week which means I’m going to be playing summer anthems all week long to keep me cool and comfortable. Luckily J. Human has just dropped an intoxicating piece of funk pop that has a gorgeously sun kissed production that makes it perfect for any beach parties, cross country road trips or surviving the heat in general.

Nameless is just one of those singles that is impossible to not nod your head along to, honestly that funk influenced bass, which is reminiscent of Bruno Mars, is ridiculously infectious and instantly puts you in a good mood. Melodically the pre-chorus offers the best moments with the ‘baby I’m nameless’ hook being a real ear worm but the full chorus is simply outstanding, it’s like someone took a 90’s rap verse and brought it into the modern era. Hard not to fall in love with it.

“‘Nameless’ is about reveling in being a misfit. My entire life, I’ve always felt like I’ve never fully belonged,” J. Human explains. “I always kinda stuck out or couldn’t fully connect, and it was always hard for me, until I realized that it was my secret superpower. The irony is, ‘weird’ is what everyone truly is underneath whatever they put out for other people. We’re all alike in our weirdness. Ever since I had that realization, I’ve wanted to help other people embrace what makes them different. Be strange. It’s better.”

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