Earlier this year the Toronto based artist GRAE delivered one of the most enticing, empowering and honest pieces of music that has been released this year, and it was her debut. From there she has been marked by us as a must watch artist with her poignant lyricisms, unique music videos and her sassy vocals creating some of the most innovative music we’ve seen in a long time and now she’s dropped her second single Your Hands.

“Your Hands is about taking power back after being in a manipulative relationship,” GRAE explains how the song began. “Giving everything to someone and allowing the situation to be dictated by them, it was in ‘their hands’ until the tables turned  and it wasn’t anymore. You gain your power back and realize your worth and tell this person you’re no longer here for their games.”

I think what I love most about GRAE’s sound on this single is that it is pure anti-popstar, with a disjointed production that is reminiscent of early 20’s Jazz with her punchy and dynamic vocal adding that extra edge to it. It’s the type of single that after one listen you feel empowered, you feel as if you can take on the world and prove everybody who ever doubted you or held you back wrong.


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