For some summer is a time of joy where you go to the beach, hang out with friends, travel or just have a jubilant time in the sun… then you’ve got other people’s summer which can be less exciting and are made worse by what we see on social media and that’s exactly what Baker Grace’s latest piece of relatable pop is all about. It’s fun to do things in the warm weather but sometimes you just want to be alone and Sad Summer communicates this perfectly.

The 80’s production, that is reminiscent of old PC synths, mixed with the alluring tones of Grace’s vocals make this track feel like it should be on an old Olivia Newton-John record, which makes sense considering Physical was a summer jam back in the day. The hook easily gets stuck in your head,  “Gonna be a sad sad summer, such a bummer / I could be falling in love but baby I don’t give a fuck,” it’s quite a superb lyricism in all honesty that I can see hundreds of people singing into their hairbrushes. Add in a technicolour music video and you’ve got a summer bop for the introverted instagram generation of today.


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