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This one of those dream collaborations that you think will never happen until one day you wake up and have to do a double take because you can’t really believe your eyes. Oscar Scheller and Lily Allen both have remarkably similar styles with both possessing the very essence of what bubblegum pop should, feel good vibes that make listening to their music such a joyous experience and playful lyrics to match.

“I wrote this song after getting reaaaally lost in the suburbs of Stockholm on my way back from the studio cause my phone died,” explains Scheller. “1% Physically or emotionally. It was inspired mostly by a conversation I was having with a girl who was taking ages to reply when I was on 1%. Then I made friends with Lily and thought she’d sound really good on it which she does ;)”

1% is all of this and more with the pair bouncing off of each other like they’ve been singing together for years and the dynamic between Oscar’s lusciously deep vocal and Allen’s signature Brit-pop vocal. Even the story the pair tell with the lyrics becomes more enticing because of the chemistry their vocals have together, it’s basically a better version of Taylor Swift and Brendan Urie’s collaboration. There’s a melodic flair to the production that comes from the array of synths, however it’s when those trumpets come in that this track gets taken from 1% to 100%. They just have a warm charm to them that adds a bit more tropical flavouring to the textured soundscape that transports you away to the beach instantly


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