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“Miss U 1000000” by Alex Winston is a jubilant single about the exhilaration of new love

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Pop songstress Alex Winston has kept herself busy over the past year or so with her teaming up with MSMR producer Max Hershenow to form the duo Post Precious whilst also been steadily releasing a stunning new solo material. Today she’s dropped her latest single in the form of the buoyant and uplifting Miss U 1000000 that focuses on the joy and exhilaration of love, and it features a lovely sample from The Mighty Indiana Travelers track Since My Soul’s Been Saved.

“As I get older, my lyrics have turned more personal,” Winston explains. “Happiness is definitely not an emotion I’m used to writing about, but I think it’s important to celebrate the good things every once in a while”

As she mentioned, Winston’s lyrics have become more personal to her and this single is no exception with the title of track being something her long distance boyfriend regularly says to her. The production of the track is superb, but that’s to be expected when Ben Ruttner of The Knocks is assisting the production, with it managing to have a euphoric sensibility that makes this single a smile inducer for sure. Add Winston’s elysian vocal with a slick hook attached and you’ve got a single that continues her run of astronomically good music. Dive into her back catalogue if you liked this, you won’t regret it!


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