Acoustic guitar lead pop can often fall into the hole of being quite dull and, quite frankly, forgettable. It’s an issue that has effected a lot of pop music in general but luckily there are artists like Iris who manages to add a bit of flair and excitement to this style.

Wait is an emotional yet calming single with the vocals of Iris, which are reminiscent of Stevie Nicks, giving an honest portrayal of heartbreak and how even when the relationship is over it’s hard to move on and love someone else. The plucking pattern of the guitar mixed with the looping percussion create an intimate atmosphere as well as an infectious melody that has me swaying from side to side and my foot tapping along to the beat. However it’s when the electronics enter during the bridge where this song shines, it’s a moment where you hang onto every word she is singing and that follows through to the finale chorus where the track ends and you’re left wanting more.


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