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James Beau Barclay has been a regular feature on this website but honestly it’s hard not to post about his music as each track manages to capture a part of spectrum of human emotion and effortlessly communicate it through his poignant lyrics and honest vocal. His latest single however is his most raw to date with him eliminating all electronics from the single and focusing solely on an acoustic guitar and his storytelling ability.

Intimate is best word to describe Want Me because you feel as if Barclay is sitting down at a bar opening up his heart to you and telling you about the past heartache he has gone through. The vocals just ooze with emotion with him almost going into a cry like vocal towards the end of the track but it is the lyrics that weave a tale in front of your very eyes that steal the show on this occasion. They paint a vivid picture in your mind of this story that slowly comes together until the end where it manages to leave you both speechless and emotional.


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