Liimo are a shining example of everything the Scottish music scene has to offer with this whimsical trio expertly crafting emphatic pieces of pop music that reel you in and keeps you hooked for weeks to come. Now the band have released their third single called Pink Heaven, a great name for the single as the track is heavenly.

With summer just around the corner this is definitely a track that will get you ready for the glorious sun with the synth’s breathing out a euphoric warmth that transports me away to the tropics. The honey drizzled vocals have floating delicately across the mellow production with the little nuances throughout the track, such as that subtle guitar melody and harmonious backing vocals in the chorus, adding more to the already euphoric atmosphere. Liimo might mean ‘a little bit more’ but these guys always offer a lot more with their brand of jubilant synth pop.


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