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The debut track of Dulcie was a serious power move with Fall being one of the most outstanding debuts to come out of 2019 so far with it starting off with a slow melodic feel before make fall head over heads for their anthemic sound and beautiful vocals. It was a song that was always going to be hard to follow up but these girls have come out with another sonically mesmerising piece that will have you falling harder that you ever thought you could for their music.

Own Ground starts off with a crisp piano melody before we’re gifted with the beautifully interwoven harmonies that send shivers down my spine and when the guitar solo comes in towards the end of the track you instantly realise why this band is one of the most promising acts not only in Australia but in the world right now. Honestly, given the chance, I could rave about this band all day long because everything about their music is divine, from the gorgeously layered soundscape, a consistently diverse build up throughout their music, lyrics that can only be described as pure poetry and the fact that these four talented musicians come together perfectly. They’re simply extraordinary and only mange to create euphony piece of music.


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