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Xenomania Records are known for producing pop royalty in the UK such as Girls Aloud, The Sugababes and as of late they’ve been showcasing some their dazzling new signings that have set the pop world in the UK alight. Now they’re starting Xenomania Presents, a series in which they showcase not only the outstanding vocal talents they have but also the material the label has on offer.

The first track from this series is Predators & Monsters featuring the vocal prowess of Paige Cavell and this track looks set to be a club anthem for the ages. With hard hitting and pulsating beats this track has the ability to make you want to jump up and dance like a maniac with the commanding vocal of Cavell being ever present. It has an old school club vibe to it with a bit more aggression that makes it so intoxicating and easy to dance along with.

“I am so proud and excited to be a part of ‘Predators & Monsters’ – I can’t wait for the world to hear a song I’ve been dancing to in secret,” the vocalist Paige Cavell explains to us via email. “I love that on the surface this song sounds like a hard-hitting dance track but when you listen a little deeper, a meaningful message is revealed. It represents everyone who is fighting their own predators and monsters, anything that is holding them back, and shows them they can make it through.”

Xenomania Records are set to invade your playlists this summer with Predators & Monsters by Paige Cavell being only the start of this. Be prepared for some incredible new music.


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