Music can often be a cathartic experience for many people, however a lot of the time the writing of the song feel the same for the artist. After her mother died eleven days into the new year New Yorker BAUM began to release her emotions into her writing as she explains, “It really was more like how I used to write when I was younger. You’re like, I need to get these things off of my chest so that they’re not in my mind.” The result? An anthemic track where she doesn’t mince her words.

Fuckboy offers a twist where it starts off talking about being played and messed around with BAUM soon comes out and says she’s doing the same back to them. There’s something very empowering about it with her taking ownership of who she is and what she is doing and taking the damsel in distress trope and turning it on its head in a brilliant way. As well as that you have her vocal truly soaring throughout the track with her injecting so much passion into every word she sings over the top of the enigmatic soundscape. It’s a stellar listen.

Then you’ve got a beautifully shot music video on top of that featuring BAUM and two contemporary dancers which she says are, “meant to mimic how we interact with people we are involved with, the games we sometimes play, and how we can ultimately find power in independence. The storyline, particularly that of the female dancer, is meant to offer an alternate narrative to that of the ‘overly emotional woman’ we frequently see in the media and mainstream entertainment.”

BAUM has produced an empowering piece of music that brings new life into the meaning of the word Fuckboy. Be prepared for more though as later this year she’ll be releasing her sophomore EP Curve that looks like it’s going to be something special.


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