As of late Philadelphia based artist Mike Taylor has been the king of happy go lucky dance anthems. His last two releases, Feel Like This and Summerthing, have been filled with nothing but feel good vibes that are perfect for any party or just singing at the top of your lungs in your room. It’s hard not to fall in love with his special brand of uplifting dance music.

His latest track Magic, produced by Mike Dupree, is probably Taylor’s best track to date with it featuring a stirring trumpet section that is reminiscent of Jazz bands from the 20’s, an alluring guitar riff, drum beats that make you bop your head along to the rhythm and Taylor’s elevating vocals that fill you with a burning desire to just dance. This is the perfect summer anthem and honestly, this is the type of track I’d love to see Taylor perform live with a brass band behind him as I can see him commanding the band and stage with absolute ease.

A party is never really complete until you’ve had a Mike Taylor track play and if you’re looking for one that’s going to get the party jumping then look no further. Dance the night away to this feel good dance anthem.

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