The 90’s was a fantastic time for R&B, with artists like Destiny’s Child topping charts on a global scale, Boyz II Men becoming household names across the world and Aaliyah who was revolutionising the genre. Well new three piece girl group 303, made up of friends Io, Maddie and Chloe, have captured the magic these of legendary artists in their debut single Whisper.

The best way to describe the track is that it feels like a modern rework of TLC mixed with the youthfulness of Aaliyah and honestly I am all here for it. The song is about that wonderful feeling you get when talking to your crush on the phone and it’s filled with classic sounds from the 90’s with velvety smooth three part harmonies mixed with a nostalgic backing of layered trap beats, a silky smooth piano melody and a super chilled out melodic sound.

Combine all of that with a well shot music video that features flip phones and an animation of their logo that looks like it’s come straight from a 90’s TV channel and you’ve got the perfect way for them to announce themselves to the world. These girls are the real deal and the future looks bright with R&B like this.

“Best thing about ‘Whisper’ is that it’s our vibe – we wanted something that we and our friends would listen too, so it just felt right to come out with this first. Filming the video was a totally new experience but from the first frame, we felt so at ease and had so much fun, having a female team was amazing too!” – 303

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