At this point with the amount of times we’ve featured MAY I think we should just become a fan-site for the singer, but honestly can you blame us? With every track MAY releases she continues to leave us spellbound by her ethereal voice, intimate production and ability to craft songs with deep meaning behind them that will have you reaching for the tissues in no time. She thrives on creating tracks that are breathtakingly beautiful.

Her latest tearjerking delight is called Northern Lights and now all I want to do is go to Iceland and play this track as I sit back and see the northern lights in person. The track makes everything you do whilst listening to it feel majestic whilst also having a magical quality to it that leaves you speechless the moment you begin listening to it. I could heap praises on this talented artist all day long but all you need to know about her is that she has something inherently special about her that will leave you entranced every time you listen to her powerful vocal.

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