I’ve always been a firm believer that if you can captivate an audience with just an instrument and your voice then you have something truly special and that is certainly the case with Linney. The North Carolina/Los Angeles based artist has previously released electronic pop tracks such as Outta My Heart and The Hurt but her latest track steers away from that goes for a stripped back approach with only a gentle piano melody accompanying Linney’s vocals.

Everything about Gave It All creates a delicate atmosphere that allows the wistful vocals to take the centre of attention and make you feel the emotion of every single word she sings whilst sticking to a raw and minimalistic production to help the track feel all that more intimate, almost as if Linney is singing it in your living room. All of this helps hammer home Linney’s message about how social media can have a negative impact on people with her writing the song after deleting 2,000 posts from her social media.

I started realising that by giving away so much I was actually stealing something sacred from myself. I wanted to keep the production raw and intimate because it felt like the best way to keep myself vulnerable. Especially in a time where we all crave authenticity.” – Linney

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