FINNEAS is one of the most talented songwriters and producers to come out of the music scene in recent years with his credits going to the likes of The Knocks and, as of late, Alayna with her track Between Dusk and Dawn. He even helped launch his young sister, Billie Eilish, to superstardom with the duo co-writing her music together and FINNEAS being the main producer. Now though it’s his turn to take the limelight with him releasing a brand new original track.

College is about his high school girlfriend moving away to college and them trying to keep the relationship going before it’s unfortunate demise. The a few months late he came across her twitter where she wrote a series of volatile tweets aimed at him. This song was his personal response.

The track starts of with deep ominous beats before the unmistakable emotive vocals of FINNEAS come in delivering honest and earnest lyrics across spacious and minimalistic production, the signature style of his solo tracks. Then the chorus arrives with brooding harmonies that are reminiscent of Bastille that sends chills down my spine with his alluring vocals taking me on this emotional journey with him. The lyrics are some of the best I have heard FINNEAS written with lyrics that weave an emotional tale like, “You can move across the country but you can’t move on,” and “So don’t you dare tell me I’ve moved on too soon.”

Any song I’m going to put out under my own name has to really feel like it’s 100 percent authentic to who I am as a human being and what I’ve been through in my own life. Making music, it’s my favorite form of therapy. If other people relate, that’s icing.” – FINNEAS

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