When artists go out of their way to create something inspirational for their fans everyone involved feels special and Lauv does that regularly. He has a connection with his fans like no other and he builds that connection at his live shows as he explains:

“At my shows, I ask people to submit notes in a glowing blue box about whatever’s on their mind or whatever they’re feeling in that moment. I call it my “blue thoughts”, and this song was inspired by an anonymous note left in that box. I had no plans of writing this song, but 10 minutes after finding the note, it existed.” – Lauv

Superhero was inspired by a single note left in Blue Thoughts reading “I met a superhero, I lost her, I want her back.” The track is about Martin, a German man who wrote this note about a girl called Diana from Boston. He was visiting her when they got into a fight which left him alone at Lauv’s show where he wrote the note and unfortunately didn’t see her again. She slipped away. The whole story unfolds within the video where the two dancers weave an effortless tale with Lauv providing the soundtrack.

The track itself fuses Lauv’s signature electronic sound but mixes it with the tender strumming of the guitar and an alluring piano melody to leave you with a delicate atmosphere that enhances the emotive nature of Lauv’s soothing vocal. Even without the video Lauv manages to take you on a journey through your own personal heartbreak, where you find yourself reminiscing of times where you were in love and how it ended in away you never thought it would.

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