Isaac Stuart – Skyline

There’s beauty within the mundane, that’s the message behind Isaac Stuart’s music. The young wunderkind based in London finds the extraordinary in the ordinary. Whether that be a regular morning commute where the rain drops begin to form patterns across the bus windows, or the sun peaking in through his window at 8AM after a night on the town. The things we take for granted, he makes us realise how special they are. They’re his own play, fulfilling the main character fantasy as he watches the world’s players perform, capturing the stories through his idyllic lyrics and heartfelt voice.

Today he’s unveiled Skyline, his debut EP that becomes an art house movie as you follow the narrative through the melancholy tracks. Each piece utilises his ability to craft an authentic narrative, tugging at your heart strings like a harpist whilst building a powerfully emotional soundscape that offers a brief source of cathartic release. Each single in the EP has something to hold the audiences attention, but it’s the title track that left me floored. The gossamer piano keys provide an elegant backing for his intense vocal performance, allowing the heartache to cascade upon you.

Late night crying sessions aren’t complete with Isaac Stuart’s music playing. If you’re a fan of Lewis Capaldi and Shawn Mendes, chances are you’re going to love him.

These songs timestamp a period in my life filled with really heightened emotion & change. I’m fascinated with life’s fleeting moments. Finding the theatre in the seemingly mundane, the poetry in the day to day is what really moves me. The Uber ride home after a house party at 4am, a train station at night, looking at the willow tree outside my parents bedroom, walking home in the pouring rain when the sun is setting… In those moments it’s like I’m watching myself in my own little play, and these songs are my attempts at capturing those scenes and telling my story. I’m really proud of these songs & I hope whoever listens finds themselves in them too.” 

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