KIIRA – Wrong Side of the Bed

If you’re looking for the perfect song to soundtrack your next late night drive where you aimlessly roam the city in the hopes of clearing your head after a midnight argument with your significant other, then don’t worry we’ve got you covered. The Swiss American KIIRA has already impressed with her previous releases, demonstrating her knack for writing a laidback pop hook that will wriggle its way into your head as well as developing a loyal following in the process. Since 2017 she’s been consistently raising her game, always finding little nuances to help lift her sound up and 2022 has been the year where she’s hit that sweet spot, just look at her latest release as an example.

Wrong Side of the Bed remains simplistic with its production but packs an almighty emotional punch that rivals that of Mike Tyson. Melancholia oozes out of the production with somber guitar melodies gliding over the atmospheric drums creating a cold atmosphere that matches the emotional neglect she’s feeling. Like a feather hear heavenly vocal floats down and is delicately placed over the soundscape, capturing the heart behind the lyrics and allowing us to become enraptured by the narrative she’s weaved for us. Her sound is best summed up as minimalistic elegance.

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