Chances are you’ll already know the lead singer of DAISY considering she’s been featured on Tyler the Creators‘ stellar album and the fact she released a stunning solo debut earlier this year that had me floored for weeks after it first dropped. Since then she’s gone back to her routes, rejoining her band to release a project that doesn’t focus on negativity but instead allows the good vibes to flow like a pint of Stella being poured straight from the faucet. S.O.M.E. is EP we need in a time where we’ve been so openly unhappy with how the world has been for the past year, filled with consistent days of desolate sadness and the morose days that’ve come from doing nothing, that we needed a good old jolly project to turn our frown upside down. Honestly, this project has such a warm and special aura surrounding it that it could easily turn Ebenezer Scrooge into one of the most generous men on the planet without the work of those three ghosts. What makes it better is that they haven’t gone down the traditional route of a happy track. Most iconic uplifting songs always are poppy and upbeat, but DAISY allows the good vibes to come to you through an array of chilled out melodies, scintillating beats and honey drizzled vocal riffs to tie it all in a neat sonic bow. A unique EP with a happy conclusion from all those who give it a listen.

No doubt in my mind that both DAISY the band and DAISY WORLD will thrive in their musical endeavours and release music that will have the public begging for more. Dive head first into their soundscape and let the joy cascade down upon you like a warm shower on a freezing cold morning.

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