Ivy Eye – Make My Way Out (To The Sun)

On their newest single, Ivy Eye take the ‘70s disco pastiche Silk Sonic have been luxuriating in and crank it up to light speed, less for earthen sensuality and more for intergalactic dance parties. “I wanna lose myself in stars,” Matthew Benham’s voice jolts in a staccato rush, ready for take-off. Providing the fuel and fire is Rory Sheppard, who reaches for the velvet darkness and blazing light of outer space in his production. Strings glide in the background with the feathery weight of cosmic dust; the bass feels like it was plucked to shoot lasers of funk at an asteroid belt. With each synth gold-plated, “Make My Way Out (To The Sun)” turns the mirrorball into a full-on galaxy glittering with diamonds, and opulence into the upper bounds of your imagination, as if to ask: Where to next?

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