As a means to follow up his delightful EP, “It’s Bc Ur an Aries”, J $ENSEI announces to the world that he loves chaos–and so do we. His latest release, “I LOVE CHAOS”, has a pleasantly familiar late 2000s R&B feel while simultaneously sounding fresh and new. Simply put, it’s timeless. The single starts off strong with a striking symphony of synths that establish an energetic drive in the track. Immediately, the intoxicating ballad that is “I LOVE CHAOS” is fuelled, grabbing hold of any listener’s full attention. This impactful energy pairs perfectly with the bold lyricism found in lines like “You don’t have to get ahead, you just get by,” thoughtfully bringing the song together. The effortlessly developed soundscape creates an iconic sound that embodies a Tame Impala feel with a Drake-like vocal. It’s got a rich tone that flows seamlessly between captivating singing and effortless rhyming–keeping the energy of the track at an all-time high alongside sweet drums topped with lively production. Listening to “I LOVE CHAOS” allows you to experience the exciting abilities of J $ENSEI, a truly unstoppable artist who is sure to continue delivering impressive projects for the masses.

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