In collaboration with SEBii, Belis, BBY GOYARD, and Jagro, Wxmell makes his exciting return to the music scene with “e-boy”–the lively crossover event we didn’t know we needed. Leading with SEBii’s iconic high-pitched vocal, Belis’ energy-packed verse, and BBY GOYARD’s attention-grabbing feature, “e-boy” showcases the talents of each individual artist in this excitingly electronic single. The track rapidly evolves within its short and sweet lifespan, making it nothing less than engaging with every listen. “e-boy” dynamically progresses its high amount of energy in a captivating way. It starts as an atmospheric and enchanting soundscape, and expands into a perfectly vibrant dance track that’s guaranteed to get everyone up on their feet and moving. It’s as if it takes you through a digital journey, with each of the artist’s verses being an exciting new world full of dancing, lively synths, and an otherworldly feel to become completely entranced by. Even with such an array of artists on one project, the overall performance of “e-boy” is masterful and flawlessly balanced. Everything is blended together perfectly in this ultimate dance tune thanks to the talents of producers Wxmell and Jargo, who have teamed up to create this iconically seamless summer anthem.

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