Shawn Mathews – Honest

When it comes to summery and fresh records, Shawn Mathews is the perfect artist to come to mind. Following his bright and energetic track “Sunshine”, he returns with “Honest”: an upbeat and funky lover’s anthem perfect for the sweetest of summer’s memories–making it reminiscent of Calvin Harris’ “Funk Wav. Bounces”. This adorably written new single gives a look into what pure fondness of another person can truly sound like; how it can make someone feel. With its upbeat and groovy vibe perfect for summer nights and sunsets, “Honest” is endearing. It’s full of catchy riffs and melodies, funky basslines and synths, and delightfully written lyrics that use “love cliches” in the best of ways. 

Shawn Mathews’ song about adoration is pleasantly refreshing rather than painfully overdone. It highlights the sweetest of reflections and heartwarming realizations that come in the process of growing closer to another person. How beautifully simple it is to look at someone and think, “Never gets too old around you.” Although the track is a bit lovey-dovey for the average listener, its catchy layered vocals bring liveliness into the already warm and bright tone of the track, creating the grounds for all good vibes to hang around. It has an entrancing energy with its powerful combo of romantic lyrics and hypnotizing beat. And as Shawn Mathews sings, “I just can’t get enough.”

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