PREMIERE: Harper Finn – She Said

The tiny nation of New Zealand currently has one of the strongest emerging music scenes around with a plethora of artists from the country looking like they could dominate the world like their predecessor Lorde and the closest to achieving this is the breakout star Harper Finn. Bending the pop landscape to fit his authentic lyrical narrative, he crafts tales chronicling the twists and turns of young adulthood with his enticing hooks, choral chants and downright infectious production contrasting the more somber story he weaves for us. This pop paradox has lead him to consistently push his songwriting chops to the point where his lyrics have become almost like mini pieces of art within his music. Need proof of this? Then check out the music video for the track we’re honoured to be premiering.

Paying homage to the women of his life, She Said is a magnificent pop offering with Finn’s beguiling vocals dancing over 80’s inspired 808’s as the elegant melodies slowly consume you and send you into a bliss induced coma. The dreamlike soundscape floods your senses as his mesmerising lyrical performance sees you bare witness to the journey Finn takes you on, experiencing his times of distress and confusion before the women in his life uplift him and let him know it’s all going to be okay. Combine all of this with a visual that is utterly stunning, featuring some glorious cinematic shots that belong in an episode of Stranger Things and it’s easy to see why Harper Finn is seen as a pop prodigy.

“I’m lucky enough to have inspiring and honest women in my life who I often turn to in times of distress and confusion. This song is also a homage to them and how they have helped give me perspective on my life and where I’m heading.”