Sabrina Song – Thaw


Catharsis; the process of releasing, and thereby providing relief from, strong or repressed emotions. That right there is what the New York based songstress Sabrina Song’s music is all about, she doesn’t suppress her emotions by locking them in a cage deep within herself and throwing away the key, no she unleashes them into the wild in a swirling euphonic whirlwind that encourages us all to embrace our pain and heal from it. Her intimate discography explores the abundance of methods that can break a heart and, most importantly, how to recover from the aftermath and heal. Whilst others in the indie pop realm go for gargantuan emotional pop ballads to unleash their emotions, Song shows that being compassionate and fragile works just as well.

Thaw is as tender as it is beautiful, with poetic narrative divulging the pain she feels when change occurs within her life, even when it will be for the better in the long rung. Her empyrean whisper like vocals deliver these unfiltered lyrics that reveal her innermost thoughts as if this was a confessional, like we’re sitting in the same room as Song as she bares her soul out to us in her very own moment of relief that will have you, like me, reaching for the tissues. This track has the power to thaw out even the iciest of hearts.

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