IOAH – FACELESS ft. Hunjiya


Hunjiya could probably bite your head off if she wanted to. In one fell swoop on FACELESS, she can call out your bullshit (“Fake as fuck with your compliments”), yawn at how much you underestimated her (“You think I don’t notice”), and finish you off with one deadening glare (“And now you’re running back”). All, of course, before the first chorus even arrives. If her project with Justin Trout as indigoworld was an experiment in brash percussive power taken to full-throttle (see: “deadinthewater”), “FACELESS” is an exercise in the sort of quiet authority that comes with infallible self-assurance. That doesn’t mean there’s no room for catharsis — underpinning it all are the synths and guitar of IOAH (as well as Karl Hong – 홍훈기), which land at the crux of NAO’s electrifying funk and stadium-sized rock. But Hunjiya also doesn’t need volume to make a point, just as comfortable floating on top of sunlit piano keys in a choir of her own voice to make her demands. It’s as she says in the song, dominating from the parenthetical: If you haven’t listened yet, “you’re wasting time.”

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