PREMIERE: Huntar x Hoost – Monster

You might not know the names Huntar and Hoost but you’ve certainly heard their music with Huntar appearing in the FIFA 17 soundtrack with Anyway, a track which is still on my heavy rotation list, and Hoost producing for the likes of Dan Caplen and the future icon Rina Sawayama. As solo artists they’ve consistently been elevating their music to dizzying heights that has allowed them to grow such marvellous fanbases, so when they began collaborating it was no real surprise that their music reached the heights of mount Everest with its quality. All of this is why we’re so incredibly happy to be premiering their latest track today.

Opening with a triumphant chorus of brass trumpets, Monster is an anthem from start to finish with a pulsating production that reverberates through your body that instantly grabs you and refuses to let go as it swiftly pulls you into an abrasive soundscape that was meant to be played at packed out stadiums. There’s a luscious undertone that comes from the velvety smoothness of Huntar’s vocals that get across this lust filled attraction that comes before the beginning of a relationship with the sensual 808s building upon this idea even further. It even features the sample of a dog barking to amplify that raw soundscape even further.

This is the type of music you play to get yourself hyped up, be it before a big football game, a date night or even just getting out of bed in the morning. Monster will have you howling at the moon ready to take on anything that this green Earth has to throw at you.