I’ve heard of a lot of unique ways songs have come about in my time on this site but I never thought I’d see some take the concept of what if the apocalypse was a family event, like Christmas, and turn it into an addictive electro pop track was not something I ever expected to see happen, but damn am I happy it did. VOSTOK is already established as a unique artist with his distinct storytelling style taking one elements and flipping it emotionally which allows everyone to see it from a new perspective that had previously remained unexplored. You never know what you’re going to get from him and that’s absolutely fascinating to me.

Time lives up to it’s concept and then some with it opening with a lush drumming section that beats like a ticking clock, a choir of celestial vocals that make you feel like you’re floating on air, poetically captivating lyricisms that leave you on tenterhooks and an array of bliss inducing synths. He manages to take something that a lot of people dread and turn it into something that is quite comforting, he doesn’t try to make the end seem scary, in-fact he does the exact opposite, he makes an apocalypse seem family friendly. Unique doesn’t begin to describe how innovative this artist is.

VOSTOK ยท Time