Kamal. – about the party


Kamal. is a pianist, vocalist and all round musician, hailing from Harlesden, London who’s become the voice of the next generation of teens in the UK. He’s never been scared to tackle subjects that effect the youth of this country through his pensive lyricisms and unrivalled passionate soul that he administers into his soundscape with such precision that you’d think he was a veteran of the game. He’s a generational talent that thrives through his observant nature and ability to convey high levels of candid emotion that many can often relate to as he’s shown in blue, smilingdownthephone and now his latest release about the party.

We’ve all experience FOMO and this track speaks on this sentiment with Kamal. not wanting to go to a party but going anyway to self validate himself. The heavy lyricisms have become a trademark of his sound and this is no different with the introspective nature of them that relevantly shine a light on what many young people are experiencing in 2020. The somber production matches the melancholy atmosphere the lyricisms creates with the message the track offers remaining with you long after the piece has ended. Watch out for this young man, he’s the next big thing.

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